One Stitch At A Time

Vacation knitting is supposed to be quick knitting, in my world.   You have lots of time to sit and relax, just veg.  All of this travel time to different places – in a car, then a plane, then a car.  Prime knitting time.  So this is what my sock looks like…


I know, it’s a horrible photo.  Uusally, I would leave it out or retake it or something, but I think that anyone who a knitter knows what that is.  That is a toe covering.  Barely.  Not even, really.  It is almost the completed increases, so the very top of my toes aren’t covered yet.  I should say, this is the third time I’ve had to start the socks over, and it’s not the fault of the pattern, it’s totally my vacation brain being unable to retain information.  I started doing the YOs, read the note about how the designer recommends doing a pick-up YO on the following row, to make the holes over the toes smaller, realized when I was almost done with the increases that this was a VERY wise suggestion, and ripped back to the beginning.  Then I started knitting again and got halfway through the increases before realizing I hadn’t changed a thing, I had just done the exact same thing as before, YOs and all.

I’d like to say that I worked hard on the plane, but I really didn’t.  I got sucked into reading a bunch of stuff, and then we had a *lot* of turbulence on the flight, which makes it hard to knit.  (It’s also a little scary to hit a bump and worry for just a moment that the very pointy sharp teeny size 0’s you’re knitting on could very well jab your eyeballs and cause some serious retinal damage.)  I meant to come home and veg on the couch and knit.

That didn’t happen.  Joel and I have different ideas about what coming home from a trip means.  For me, it means I’m tired and just want to flop somewhere and take the rest of the night off.  For him, it means immediately wanting to unpack and set the house to rights, somewhat.  You can guess which one of us is more productive in life, right?

We both sort of compromised, because we’re good at communicating about this stuff now.  We went out for a late lunch, since we were both starving and neither of us wanted to try to cook in a house mostly empty of groceries.  We went to this great little bar near us, Granite City, which replaced one of my favourite bookshops in Cleveland – Joseph Beth Booksellers.  I used to get all of my holiday gifts there when I first moved to Cleveland.  Then they went under, and this place moved in awhile ago.  The beer was really great – we both did a flight and found a few that we would happily return for.  (Let me tell you, the beer did nothing to motivate me further.)  When we got home, Joel jumped into unpacking and I sort of flopped around for a few minutes, wanting to be lazy but also wanting to feel like I had accomplished something.

In the end, I settled for half and half.  I went to the basement and did a load of laundry, simultaneously trying to felt my old clogs a little.  They developed big honkin’ holes in them, which I patched and sewed up some, so they needed to be re-felted.  Unfortunately, we have a High Efficiency washer with no agitator stick, and while that’s great for our laundry, it’s *awful* to try felting with.  I wound up sending them back and forth between the hottest wash cycle I could manage and the dryer.  They’re not as felted as I’d like, but they’re definitely better than they were.  I made a pair of slippers for our friend Chris and his brand-new wife, Gemma, for Christmas.  They tried to felt them and they only partially took.  Chris is coming by tonight for a little hang out time before he leaves.  (They both travel for months at a time for work.)  He’s bringing the slippers, and I’m hoping that I can get them to cooperate for me, so it was important that I test my theories.

Then I moved up to the living room and got a fire roaring in the hearth, watched some of the shows my DVR had caught for me, and typed up some class notes for Joel.  I’m a quick typist, and I love him, so I do these kinds of things from time to time.  Now I’m on the couch, watching my Steelers struggle to get any time of score over the Ravens, and I’ve finally accomplished enough to feel like I could get my knit on…so realistically, these socks are barely going to grow tonight.

Sigh.  At least we have clean towels.

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