New Year, New Projects

Happy 2015 everyone! I’m on the last few days of my honeymoon in Sanibel with Joel. Let me tell you, it feels beyond strange to be sitting in 80 degree weather on January 1st. I’ll take it though – it’s just lovely to be wearing sundresses and walking barefoot in the sand. I get the feeling going home to Cleveland is going to be a real shock to the system…

As always, I packed way too many knitting projects. Isn’t that the way it always is on vacation? You want to make sure you don’t run out, so you totally overpack. I brought 3 projects and while I’ve tinkered with all of them, I’m nowhere near completing any. It doesn’t help that Joel and I spent 3 intense days working on a puzzle together, eating into swaths of knitting time. Still, I really just love getting to spend time together, doing small couple-y things. Joel doesn’t care about puzzles that much – he’d never pull one out on his own to do – but if you sit him down in front of one, he’ll work on it until it’s done.

Today I cast on a new project. I remembered that I had packed a pair of socks that I wanted to be able to bring on the plane, since I didn’t want to try to sneak my metal Addi lace turbos on board. I know that knitting is allowed, and I’ve never had an issue with it before, but it seems smarter and safer to bring the little wooden DPNs on than the needle sharp Addis. Here’s what I’m working on:

I know, fabulous, right?  That’s not my photo, obviously, since I just began knitting them. The photo belongs to niella on Ravelry – I used it because when I scrolled through the projects, that was the one that made me go, “Oh dear God, I hope that my socks look that awesome when I’m done!”  The pattern is Firebird by Lisa Grossman.  I just love it, love the way that bird looks and how the sewing just makes it POP.  I know that I’m going to wind up hating that embroidery bit, but these socks are so, so worth it.

I’m just a few rows in, and already I love this project.  Love the Turkish cast-on, love how it jumps right into the lacy pattern, and am loving the yarn.  The base yarn is this:

That’s Holiday Yarns Flocksock Sock Yarn in Hellfire, and the teeny yarn skeinlet is Holiday Yarns Jennifer’s Superfine Laceweight in Gold Flame.  I got this kit ages ago, probably 2008 or 2009, and it’s been sitting patiently in my stash, just waiting to be created.  It’s that just awful?  How long we let things sit and don’t allow them to become because there is only a finite number of things we can knit at any given time?  I wish I could be always knitting.  I know that I try to be, but I do need to sleep, don’t I?

I also love the way this pattern is laid out.  Instead of being regular paper-sized sheets, she made it into a little booklets.  Lots of illustrations, clear definitions.  It works on many many levels and just tickles me every time I get to turn a page.

I feel like I want to somehow make a goal or a project for myself this year.  I’m not really a resolution sort of person, but I like projects.  I’ve been kicking around the idea for a few days that I want to do a 100 Yarns project.  The thing is, I don’t really know what that means, even to me.  100 different yarns?  100 skeins?  100 projects?  I just can’t come up with a working definition.  I mean, if I pick the simple concept of using up 100 different yarns in 2015, does that mean that a sweater’s worth of skeins would still only count as 1 yarn?  And how would that even work, given that skein is just a word that defines a product – a hank of yarn – rather than a yardage amount?

But still, I can’t quite get past the idea.  100 Yarns in 2015.  There’s just a ring to it that I can’t quite let go of.  Especially the idea of using up yarns…I feel like I’m constantly trying to knit down the scraps that I have from old projects, but then I turn around and they keep multiplying.  Maybe my very basic vision will be:

100 Yarns = 100 skeins.  This does not, however, equal complete skeins.  If I work on a project that uses a whole skein of fingering weight, that’s 1 skein.  If I work on a project that uses up 5 different scrap yarns completely, that’s 5 different skeins.

I just like the idea of challenging myself, of learning things as I go along.  So today, I start.  Today, I have begun my self-challenge.  I have entered the fray (which consists of only me) with a whole new project, completely untouched and unused yarns, bases that I’m unfamiliar with.

I’m excited!

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