The Stocking Is Hung

2 projects to do before Christmas, and one of them is done!  I spent a good chunk of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday working on my Christmas stocking and finished it last night.  I wanted to work on Joel’s slippers and complete them, but he and I just spent the whole weekend together, which was lovely and beautiful.  I know that we’ll be spending the next two days with various members of our family, so I’ll appreciate the quiet time later.  Some of my favourite times are when it’s just the two of us, relaxing on the couch in front of a roaring fire, reading or watching a movie. 

This pattern was just so lovely and easy to work with.  I really and truly loved it.  I have a thing for snowflakes – I’m discovering this more and more as I get over.  I looked at a really high number of knitting patterns and finally settled on this one.  There were a few others that looked tempting, but the comments and reviews of them were such that it made me think that they might not be a quick or easy knit.  Sometimes it seems like pattern designers have no idea how to actually knit, or maybe they just don’t know how to word a pattern.  Some of the problems seemed to come from people not being familiar with sock construction – I mean, what is a stocking other than an over large sock?  I used two blues, rather than red and green, because I love things that are holiday based without having to scream Christmas.  This pattern was very fast, since it was in bulky yarn, and not at all boring, since it was colourwork.  I loved that it was very easy for me to tinker with it – I did a row with my name on it, for example, and felt perfectly confident just bumping down the snowflake motifs that followed.  I finished it just as Joel was heading to bed for the night and forced him to stay for an extra minute to admire it.  I think that he was, frankly, shocked that I had finished it so quickly.  Not surprising – he usually watches me work on projects for months and months.  When was the last time I made something in a weekend?  He really loved it and had nothing but compliments for him.  When I told him that I’d happily make him a stocking, he looked at me for a moment and then said, “I thought you don’t take requests.”  Smart man, to remember that from my list of knitting rules…but for him, I’d make a stocking. 

His one complaint?  My stocking is now the biggest one on the mantle – looks like he might need to do some extra shopping to help fill it!  If I don’t get back to the computer before Christmas, have a happy one everybody.


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